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  • Music film

    10 Jun

    We are sure you’ve seen at least a couple of films about music, so you’re encouraged to add to our list with your recommendations. Here is a list of music […]

  • Is there any sense in investing in my vocal lessons?

    02 Jun

    Isn’t there a host of singers crowding Kyiv? Well, first things first. To start with it’s a good question from a serious purposeful study. It’s not just about the money […]

  • It can’t be me! I better stop singing

    31 May

    Have you noticed how interested are children in their own singing or speaking? They like listening to their voice, they are even proud: “Listen! It’s me talking (or singing, shouting, […]

  • Vocal lessons: Destination – Unknown. Still?

    30 May

    A lot of people fail at learning something, and a lot of failures happen right at the start. Why with pretty the same resources – school, teacher, circumstances – some […]

  • Vocal lessons. Homework: Your personal style

    30 May

    “How to stand out from the crowd? How to claim your talent? Is it worth it in the long run…” Something like this torments the mind of a musician who […]