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Recording Studio

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A recording studio is no less important for musicians and vocalists than a stage. Recording in the studio allows their songs to be listened on the headphones and from the speakers all around the world. A professional team can do real magic using high-quality equipment and turn unrelated parts and instruments into perfect compositions.

It’s hard to believe, but the task of the studio manager is something more than pushing the Rec button. Recording in the studio is a very complex process, and it’s not easy to figure out all the details at once. Still, even the beginners should be aware of the main stages.

As a rule, creating the final version of the compositions includes three steps: recording in the studio, mixing, and mastering.

The first step seems to be simple, but it requires many special conditions:

  • preparation of the vocalist;
  • a high-quality microphone and hardware;
  • a room with particular acoustic characteristics;
  • an absence of a background noise.

It doesn’t sound that simple now, does it? Let’s move on to the next step.

Try to imagine that any composition is a Lego made of separated details (multiple sounds). The studio manager has not only to create an integral melody but also get rid of noises and frequency conflicts. Mixing is the processing of the record aimed at making track listenable. Unprocessed compositions sound plain and indistinct, while the mixed ones sound harmonious and bright, so you can easily hear a singer’s voice against an instrumental background. If you want to get an excellent record, the mixing is an utterly necessary stage.

Mastering is the last step when it comes to the processing of musical compositions. On this stage, the studio manager transforms a record to make it suitable for playing in different conditions. You also need mastering if you need all compositions of your album to have a uniform sounding. Professionals use various applications and plugins along with a high-quality software and hardware for mastering.

As you can see, the record of your voice has a long way to go before becoming a brilliant musical composition. A great amount of time and energy is the price of a perfect sound. We are ready to offer you our help and support at every stage of the recording in the studio! We collaborate with the best recording studios in Kiev.

Our services:

  1. Vocal training

Anyone may have an intensive course of vocal lessons with our great tutors. They will help you with a voice-training and a repertoire selection. A professional training is necessary for good recording in the studio!

  1. Assistance in the recording studio

We won’t leave you at the last minute! Our tutor will help you to get your voice warmed up and deal with anxiety if you feel uncomfortable during your first recording in the studio. We will also control the recording of backing vocal, improvisation, and melismas.

  1. Making a backing track

If you want to record a cover of the popular song, you need an instrumental backing track. It is a recording of the song without its vocal part. Of course, you may find some backing tracks on the Internet, but their quality often leaves much to be desired. Moreover, some instrumentals just don’t exist. Consequently, making a backing track is a very helpful service for vocalists.

  1. Arrangement

If you order an arrangement of your favorite song, you’ll get a composition that is tailored to your voice and performance style. The uniqueness of such record will surprise guests of any party along with your friends and family. If you want to create something original, we will help you to make a musical adaptation in different genres: jazz, rock, opera, soul, hip-hop, etc.

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