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Electric Guitar Lessons

The electric guitar is the most popular instrument of our time, which in its time opened a new era in pop music. From traditional “acoustics” it differs constructively: instead of a round opening of the resonator, we see magnetic pickups that convert vibrations into an electrical signal, which can then be processed, decorated with various effects, amplified, recorded. And although the notes on her neck are the same as on acoustics, and the strings are also six, playing the electric guitar requires knowledge of specific techniques, as well as the ability to use processing effects and amplifying equipment. Our teachers will gladly help you to understand all the intricacies of owning this instrument, and if you regularly attend classes in a few months you will be able not only to play the accompaniment to your favorite songs, but also to amaze your relatives and acquaintances with the cool steep rockers’ tricks! You also have a professional set of equipment: electric guitar Gibson SG, effects processor Vox ToneLab SE and Vux Valvetronix.

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