Is there any sense in investing in my vocal lessons?

Isn’t there a host of singers crowding Kyiv? Well, first things first.
To start with it’s a good question from a serious purposeful study. It’s not just about the money – any success deprives person of extra time, resources, pains and all of it shouldn’t be just wasted away on nothing or spent aimlessly. A private vocal tutor or music studio classes are not to show off – it’s a sacrifice everybody should ponder on: will I fit in afterwards with knowledge and skills acquired with so much effort? There are plenty of institutions for a professional musician to get involved in and, perhaps, as many aspirants to take any vacant place. Should I even venture? Is it worth the price?

It is – and for a number of reasons, frankly speaking. Even if we take into account only financial opportunities two can be singled out.

Vocal lessons pay off
1. Despite numerous armies of job-seekers in reality musical domain is not complied and fully packed as it would seem. A lot of potential employees are not professional enough or cannot adequately judge their abilities when it comes to working. Employers have to shuffle through endless CVs and have interviews with many career-makers to spy the only one that matches the requirements (more or less). So seeming lack of vacancies is not the reason to give up: a talented and hard-working musician always finds his place under the Sun.

2. Research the adjacent fields. Even world stars of show business don’t negate offers from outside: take part in a advertisement, write a book etc. Vocal lessons are not only about singing (a poor singer would they make of a person it they were!). It’s about your way with the audience, how you move around and interact with people – your personal style which can be successfully implemented in any activity on public, not only on stage. You can make an excellent vocal teacher, not necessarily, though, but apart from that Kyiv has got plenty of personality development schools – for children and adults alike – where your skills can be used and strengthened. Coaching and managing events are also a great opportunity to add some variety.

We’d like to end with an encouragement. A real talent and had work never go by unnoticed – it’s a fact. You’ll definitely face hardships throughout your career. May they not discourage but challenge you even more to build your life exactly as you mean to.