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Acting Lessons


  • Olga

    Author and host of speech and singing voice training programs, certified instructor since 2007, pop singing teacher, actress, professional vocalist, lyricist and songwriter

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A proper diction, dancing skills, and an ability to express one’s thoughts and feelings are necessary for a successful musical career. Acting lessons also help to get rid of self-doubt, complexes, and low self-esteem. That’s why they will be useful to improve your daily communication with people around. All of us are actors to some extent, so why not become a good one? You are welcome to develop your hidden talent with the help of our courses!

School of acting “Solomriya” will help you to discover your inner confidence, develop your charisma, and increase your power of conviction. Our school opens its doors to anyone who wants to attend acting courses no matter what level of training they have. If you are looking for a school of acting with an affordable price policy, “Solomriya” is your best choice!

Who Needs Acting Lessons?

In “Solomriya”, we teach acting for children and adults.  Our courses are available for kids from the age of 7 years. There is no upper limit: everything depends only on your enthusiasm!

Private acting lessons would be especially useful for people of creative and media careers. Their life is tightly connected with communication and speaking in public.

We also highly recommend taking these courses to those who want to get rid of their complexes, low self-esteem, and overcome stage fright. You’ll enforce your self-confidence along with helpful skills!

Acting Lessons and Oratory Courses: the 6-Month Plan

The 1st month: firstly, our teacher will figure out what you lack for confident performances. Then, we’ll start from the very beginning: basic acting and speaking techniques. At the end of the month, we’ll learn a bunch of interesting disciplines: scenic attention, breath techniques, and basic sound schemes.

The 2nd month: we start improving your sense of rhythm, diction, pronunciation, and voice. Development of these skills is an indispensable part of acting lessons.

The 3rd month: keep dipping into basics of acting and oratory! You’ll learn many new expressions with a tutor: inner freedom, emotion control, acting nature, and others. We won’t also forget about well-known speech training, tongue twisters, and sound schemes!

The 4th month: on this stage, our lessons will be mostly concentrated on the oratory skills. The tutor will teach you orthoepy, voice training, logical reasoning, and writing original texts.

The 5th month: we move on to the professional level of acing and oratory! The teacher will explain you the meaning of the word “hexameter” and teach you the main aspect of acting and stage presence.

The 6th month: the final lap! Certificate is waiting for you! We rehearse, repeat everything, conclude our courses, and enjoy ourselves!

Now, your training is finished! You are able to win the recognition of the public in Kiev, Ukraine, and all around the world!

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