Ideal music teacher: Mission Impossible

So, that is it? Not even worth trying? Sadly speaking – yes. If you want to see a perfect vocal or guitar tutor you’d better pack your spaceship because he surely exist but not in our galaxy. What we are offering is a tour and a guideline among our earthly, evidently imperfect but often absolutely amazing teachers of music!

First do the target audience research. The younger the child the less demanding he is to the authority of the teacher: he is eager to learn from a peer who is willing to teach. Growing up people lose their sincerity and openness, get packed with demands and requirements (both fot themselves and the teacher). They need the teacher to be authoritative. By the way, the lack of childishness stands in the way of successful learning. So if the student (no matter the age) is open and frank he will get along with a younger teacher. If the person is already stuffed with complexes an older age of the tutor is an advantage.

Now let’s move to the purpose of study. Some of them will get you nowhere in your search of music teacher, like:
“I want my child to become a star!”
“Everybody plays piano in our family”
“I need to get my child busy”
“She/he is a calm and quiet child so music will do”.

“Music moves him fiercely – he always hums or tries to play”. An experienced, somewhat strict teacher, maybe not one of the most charismatic persons. If a talented child is independently expressing his individuality musically he needs a strong guide who would lead the efforts into the right direction and focus on the results. Relaxed easy teaching will weaken the motivation of such a child.
“She likes others performing but is uncertain of her own abilities”. Sociable friendly tutor to mightily motivate, encourage and gently push to simple, easily-attainable goals. A demanding person will frighten any musical potential out of the child right away.
“He’s got facilities and potential but is somewhat wayward”. A psychologically experienced teacher needed. Not so much of the musical professionalism but ability to manipulate child’s interest. Hyperactive children’s parents reject musical education in vain: as a discipline it is very helpful in adapting child to the society and the system. A strict teacher will do nothing here, a soft one will only suffer.