Everybody can learn to play

Things that people say which are untrue:
Music is not for everybody
Raising after-war Japan a teacher named Suzuki picked up homeless children in the streets and arranged them into orphanages or little communities. There were no selective rules for the children, obviously. As a base for the education system Suzuki used teaching languages and music. Starting from as little as 3 year olds they began teaching violin, or piano, or recorder. And, as the experience showed, all children eventually learned to play. Of course, not of them went on to become professional musicians but that is not the point. We don’t do sport because we want to become professional sportsmen, right? The point is: music is for everyone. You can learn to play.

Music is a trifle
“Business, money, career are what counts but music is leisure, to while away the time”. Wrong. Usually unsuccessful people tend to perceive art as a minor activity but it’s completely the other way round with successful people. Those who manage big money are ready to pay for the art – music, concerts, paintings, even music or art lessons at a decent age. Sure, there are some fancy art-hunters or witless purses of money which sponsor art because it’s fashionable but it’s rather an exclusion of the rule. As a rule people realize the sacrifice a musician or artist pay for, what it takes of a person to create. Financially accomplished people at the top say: art – is something that is worth living for.

Music is of little importance
Amazingly but radio still lives. When the television appeared many said it would soon fall into oblivion but here it is, still on horse. Nowadays the Internet takes place of the TV but the radio penetrated the network to continue its work. You would think it has become rudimentary: why. There are tons of free music on the Internet, who will need a radio? But here it is, accomplishing its mission – accompanying human life. Sometimes it evokes, sometimes it provokes, soothes or lifts the spirits. Visual or intellectual material takes our time but music saves it. How? Remember driver singing good old song to the radio at the wheel, two lovers’ connected to a single receiver on a date, office worker at some dull task with his favorite radio station on.

Perhaps, here is a good place for a quote from some prominent musician or singer. But stop – you are no less important! Maybe here is the time you make a music quotation of your own?