Singing is something I love!

Let’s take a moment to meditate over our attitudes to singing. They can be roughly attributed to three periods:

• Early age. “I sing because I like doing it”. What’s most important here is that a person like the way he/she sings. There are no standards or model singing. Some children enjoy this period longer, for some of us this blissful attitude doesn’t last long: it is a matter of personality, educational approach, parents. But who can be so deeply and excitedly absorbed in their own singing but the children!

• Adolescence. “I like the way somebody else can sing”. You can clearly trace person’s preferences as to singing style at this stage. Here comes forward an exact model of a right singing and as a result a person feels ashamed of his/her singing abilities. People start to copy the way their idols sing and bear themselves in public, trying to learn to do it “right” whereas this “right” is not necessarily correct objectively. However this state of being seeking, being uncertain is of exceptional importance for the young person. It demands a special delicate treatment from both parents and tutors. One careless word about your child’s idol can ruin his/her confidence and label you as an enemy. Better not make any comments at all. If you primarily focus your attention on your child’s needs, his own accomplishments and fail not to encourage him this intermediary stage will end quicker.

• Mature. “Singing is something I love”. Having fully realized one’s own physical abilities, maybe even forgiving oneself for the lack of some desired or fancied talents (the truth is we are never completely satisfied with what we have!) and getting eager to learn every day are a evidences that you have grown up as a singer. Our congratulations! No matter the age of maturing – it is never too late. Outwardly it may look as a little coming back to the early stage when you enjoy your own singing and singing as such. Accomplishments of other people don’t bother you much; you can enjoy someone else’s singing free of any self reproaching or envy. It’s like “yes, my vocal is not as strong and vast as that of eminent Gospel singers but I’m all right with that”. The results of this cannot be overestimated because this is where your learning actually starts at its full and best. Your vocal tutor has been training you so far but not your most important teacher is – you.


Heaps and tons of such material lie about the Internet. Numerous sites eloquently tell us of “how-to” and “to-do”. Why there is fresh demand for it still? It’s because every individual seeks something for himself only, something personal. And if this article had some connection to what you’re experiencing our mission is accomplished!

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