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Piano Lessons


  • Evgenyi Moiseenko

    Often mentioned as a pupils' favorite, Evgenyi is not only an accomplished performer with a natural affinity for music, but also a patient, understanding and very easy going person, super attentive to whatever your study goals may be.
  • Pavlo Lysyi

    Pavlo is a winner of many Ukrainian and international contests, including «Ville de Gagny» (France, 2013, 1st Prize), and also holds a Finalist Diploma from «Concours-festival répertoire pianistique moderne» (Paris, 2018). He teaches classical and modern piano to children and adults.
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Contact info (phone no., e-mail, skype):

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Piano Lessons: Where to Start From?

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There are not too many people who have never dreamt of becoming musicians, actors, artists, or writers. Art makes our hearts beat faster, helps us to reveal our energy and emotions, and fills our life with bright moments and impressions. Unfortunately, family issues, problems at work, and everyday routine often don’t allow us to spend our time on art.

However, at some point, all of us understand that we want to achieve something more and to leave a mark on this world. It might be hard to follow the inspiration and dreams because of the psychological barriers and doubts that were building up for a long time. That’s why not everyone will dare to take piano lessons for adults. In such moments, it is crucial to remember that there is nothing impossible for those who set a goal and follow their own way no matter what.

People who dedicate their time and energy to their dream and go for it at any cost always command the respect of all around. Such people feel confident and exude an incredible amount of energy. You want to listen to their performance again and again even if their skills are not perfect. Our piano course is created for those who want to let the music into their life and surprise their friends and family with a new talent.

Appropriate Approaches to Learning

Научиться играть на пианиноFirst of all, you have to realize why you need piano lessons. It’s enough for some people to learn basics in order to play simple compositions for their relatives and friends. Others prefer to study thoroughly all the nuances of playing an instrument and dream of reaching a professional level and even building a musical career in future.

At our school, we offer three main course options to learn playing piano:

  • Popular piano - this course will be interesting for the students who want to play popular compositions by ear, learn more about numerous modern music genres, and compose original songs. This course is especially focused on improving an ear for music and a sense of rhythm.
  • Jazz piano – in addition to the basic course (hands posture, exercises for improvement of technique, necessary music theory), jazz piano lessons include learning jazz techniques of playing piano in different styles, studying the theory and history of jazz music, and, of course improvisation skills. During these lessons, our instructors will help you to reveal your potential for creating and playing jazz music.
  • Classical piano – this course is for musicians who prefer a traditional approach to learning and time-tested compositions.

All the courses mentioned above will be a good option both for beginners and for experienced pianists who want to refresh their knowledge even many years after graduating from a music school. Our teachers compose the program based on needs of every student. Therefore, you won’t have to waste your time on learning the unnecessary material.

Is It Possible to Learn Playing Piano for Adults?

piano lessons foto 2On the internet, you may often notice the advertisements that offer piano lessons for adults. An absence of any age limits for music lessons is a global tendency. Generally, people gain time and opportunities for self-development only after graduating from school and college. We feel free to start our own path and do the things that we love.

Actually, the older we become, the more psychological barriers appear in our consciousness. They prevent us from achieving our goals. That’s why our learning courses start from stating objectives. Our students have to realize why this particular instrument is suitable for them and why they want to play it.

It may happen that a student once attended piano lessons when he or she was a child but quit lessons at some point. It’s not always easy to start learning from scratch for adults, but the results are worth trying. You can change your life if you really want it. Just imagine your performance on the stage and the first applause, and all your doubts will vanish!

Piano Lessons for Kids

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It takes about 7-8 years of regular lessons both at school and at home to achieve a high level of piano playing. However, if you don’t want your kid to become a professional musician, it won’t take so long. It will only take half a year to learn how to play simple compositions. In one and a half or two years, we’ll teach you how to accompany any popular song in a proper manner. Picking the right repertoire will help to save the enthusiasm for adults and for kids and inspire for additional practice. Don’t hesitate! Maybe your child will become a famous composer in the future!

Quick Results

piano lessons for kids foto 2Teachers in many music schools prefer to select only the most talented children in order to teach them how to play piano easier and quicker. However, real professionals know that every person has certain potential that should be developed in a proper way. The duration of the course depends not only on the initial abilities of students but also on the tutor's desire to help them.

Music school Solomriya in Kiev helps everybody to discover their talents, regardless of their age and level. Instructors teach kids and adults how to play piano using an original time-tested technique. It is no less important that students develop their ear for music, composing skills, and many of them begin to write their own songs.

Keyboard instruments are very popular among people of all ages as playing them gives numerous opportunities. If you play piano, you can easily perform and record your music in different styles. In addition, a big acoustic piano is not necessary at home nowadays. At a reasonable cost, you can buy a digital piano that can closely imitate the sound of acoustic instruments and is appropriate for practice.

Obviously, piano lessons will be useful to anybody. Don't worry about the results in advance, just try something new! Our experienced teachers will help you to discover your talent, find a perfect repertoire, and learn more about music styles that you're interested in. Remember that every day can become a beginning of something new, the first step on the path to your dreams and goals.

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