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    Learning to Play the Guitar: The Way to a Dream

    The guitar has long been one of the most popular musical instruments, and it's not for nothing that many factors contribute to its success. Firstly, it is rather compact and easy to transport - take it to a party or camping trip much easier than, for example, a synthesizer or a button accordion. Secondly, it is perfectly suited for self-accompaniment to the vocalist - in other words, it is convenient to play and sing at the same time. In the third, the person playing on it, looks very impressive! And finally, the basic skills of playing the guitar can be learned quite easily and quickly. True, most self-taught people do not advance further than the basics, remaining beginners for life, because learning how to play the guitar without a systemic approach is not easy. As a result, very few people get to the level of possession of the instrument, and often the tool goes to the closet, because after playing for years the same, a person quickly loses interest in this activity and confidence in his abilities. To prevent this from happening, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself in advance with possible difficulties and learn how to overcome them.