Guitar Lessons: Your Way to Dream

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments for a reason. Its success is based on multiple factors. First of all, the guitar is suitable for the transportation: it is much easier to take it with you when you go to the parties or camping
than to carry a keyboard or an accordion. Secondly, it is a perfect instrument for a self-accompaniment, as you can easily play guitar and sing at the same time. Thirdly, a person who is playing guitar looks really cool! Finally, you can
learn how to play guitar at the basic level rather simply and quickly.

Generally, most of self-taught guitarists don’t learn anything but basics and remain beginners for the whole life. In order to learn guitar, you should choose a systematic approach. Without it, many beginners don’t achieve a good level of playing guitar.
Consequently, they drop studies as there is nothing interesting in playing the same compositions again and again. Moreover, they lose motivation and self-confidence. In order to avoid these problems, you should learn more about possible
difficulties and the ways to avoid them.

Can You Learn How to Play Guitar by Yourself?

Yes! There are many musicians who prove that: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Noel Gallagher, Jimmy Page, B. B. King, etc. All of them have achieved great success thanks to the hard work. Some musicians simply couldn’t afford lessons with a guitar
teacher. Others preferred to play their favorite songs by ear and work by themselves without any help using only their talent and patience.

However, you shouldn’t think that all brilliant guitarists are self-taught. Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, and others took guitar lessons from instructors or more experienced musicians. This way is also reasonable
as a professional and understandable guidance is a key to a quick and efficient learning. Good guitar teachers can motivate and inspire their students for a progress!

If you have serious intentions to study music and achieve certain results in this sphere, we offer you to analyze your goals, abilities, and skills. That will help you to understand what approach is more appropriate for you: self-learning
or guitar lessons with professional guitar tutors. When you choose your teacher in our guitar school, you can always discuss your preferences and wishes in order to compose an individual teaching plan for the course. It shouldn’t necessarily
be static and unchangeable. On the contrary, you can change a few aspects to develop your skills in the way you want.

At our school in Kiev, you can take private guitar lessons from scratch both for kids and for adults. An experienced instructor can teach even the beginners easily and quickly. At Solomriya school, we provide lessons for students of different
levels and compose training programs individually. You can choose one of the following courses listed below:

  • — acoustic guitar lessons;
  • — electric guitar lessons;
  • — bass guitar lessons.

You can and you should train your ear for music not only with our tutor but also by yourself. Listen to your favorite compositions and try to figure out the parts of particular instruments. This exercise can be very interesting and helpful
when it comes to guitar lessons. Your fingers are only a tool while your brain has the main role in the process of playing.

It is extremely important to concentrate on each sound, feel its length, tone, and volume. A real musician should be able to listen to all the parts of compositions separately. Thanks to this ability, you can achieve harmony and create your
own unique style.

Problems and Ways to Solve Them

Sooner or later, everyone faces failures in the path of studies. It is impossible to prevent all of them, but you should be ready to react appropriately. For example, you shouldn’t waste much time practicing one chord or melody for guitar.
Many students make this mistake because they want to punish themselves subconsciously. They cut down their time for the rest and entertainment and dedicate every minute to music lessons. This approach is inefficient. If you feel pain in
your fingers, make a pause. After a short break, you’ll have more energy to continue. Students who care about themselves can achieve much better results.

When you learn, you may face other kinds of difficulties. The most common problem is confusion and attempts to learn how to play guitar quickly neglecting important steps. Students who learn without instructor face this problem more frequently
as there is nobody to control their lessons. It may also be difficult to find the most helpful and necessary information among a great number of articles.

You should learn new information and techniques gradually. Start with simpler compositions and move forward to more difficult exercises. When you start learning, you should listen to the advice of experienced guitarists in order to learn correct
hand positioning. You shouldn’t neglect even the easiest exercises as it might be hard to retrain later.

One more problem is a lack of self-confidence. This issue is one of the main psychological challenges for musicians on their way to success. Some students can’t set a goal or choose a music genre. It is necessary to pick the right direction.
Otherwise, your program won’t be efficient.


How to Remain Interested?

Our desire to learn how to play musical instruments can’t be stable. Sometimes, we can’t stop playing new chords again and again, and sometimes we want to put our instrument away. When you feel bored or disappointed, don’t let your emotions
prevail and influence your decisions. Your nervousness and tiredness shouldn’t decrease your creativity. The most important thing for lessons is a nice atmosphere, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for the mistakes. Learn how to relax and
find pleasure in playing guitar.

Don’t underestimate yourself. People are used to comparing themselves with others, and that’s the root of many failures. Not everyone can learn how to play guitar easily and quickly or make their own music effortlessly. Some students feel
despair when they don’t see any progress, but they shouldn’t.

Next time you think that you won’t ever be able to play guitar like your favorite musician, try to look at this situation from another perspective. Mistakes are the cost of development. Popular guitarist and ordinary students stand on the
same path but at different stages. There is no limit to perfection, and famous composers regularly prove this statement. You don’t have to follow someone else’s way. Find your own style and develop it. Dance and sing, create the atmosphere
filled with music around you! And you’ll succeed. Our tutors will be glad to help you on your way.

Welcome to Solomriya guitar school!


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    Эрмек Каныбеков

    “Занимаемся в школе “”Соломрия”” на протяжении 4 месяцев, обучаемся игре на гитаре, нам все нравится, индивидуальный подход преподавателей и чуткое внимание на каждом уроке становится залогом успеха моей сестры. Всем совету школу, здесь на самом деле профессиональные преподаватели.”

    Аня Почернина

    Я посещаю школу для изучения игры на гитаре. Учитель очень положительный и терпеливый 🙂 месторасположение, также, удобное.





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    Обычно если Вы или Ваш ребенок раньше никогда не обучались, то за несколько занятий сможете разучить несложную композицию, а через пару месяцев регулярных уроков уже увидите заметный прогресс и сможете похвастаться своей игрой перед близкими людьми.

    Что говорят ученики об уроках гитары в школе “Соломрия”?

    «Занимаемся в школе «»Соломрия»» на протяжении 4 месяцев, обучаемся игре на гитаре, нам все нравится, индивидуальный подход преподавателей и чуткое внимание на каждом уроке становится залогом успеха моей сестры. Всем совету школу, здесь на самом деле профессиональные преподаватели.»

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