Vocal lessons: Destination – Unknown. Still?

A lot of people fail at learning something, and a lot of failures happen right at the start. Why with pretty the same resources – school, teacher, circumstances – some people succeed and some not? While blaming outside factors may help temporarily it will not rescue the situation. The answer is simple: if you don’t know where you are going you are going to end nowhere. Vocal training is no different in this respect.

I just like singing…
It sounds all right: you want to sing good enough, or play the guitar bearably just for your own entertainment. You would think such an attitude will save you from the strain, the stress and, consequently, the disappointment. It seems the ideal way to do something – do it for your own pleasure. That is if you practice the skills you have already obtained, performing what you already know. It doesn’t work with learning. If you want to improve your vocal, develop your personal style you will need a certain goal – reasonable and, surely, realistic.

Feedback is essential!
Any activity should be rewarding. The rewards differ, it’s something everyone decides for himself. So, if you haven’t found a definite reason to study and to grow musically yet we’ll try to search for it and, hopingly, find a good one.

— Financial. Rather a strong drive for a hard study and success as a result. In reality a talented musician is always in demand and can find a good job. And if we talk about matching a hobby and a well-paid profession – what else can be more appealing?

— Professional. It’s about trying hard to win in a competition or taking part in a festival, attracting audience’s attention, attaining recognition. “I’m doing it for myself” – is an attempt to fool yourself. We’re afraid to miss that’s why we have no goal. Music is always for an audience (the musician himself, of course, included). But in fact the audience is a mighty motivation. You just need to treat it correctly.

— Social. Is there something you want to reach people with? To teach or provide some help? A simple song from a sincere heart is often more effective than many right words. It can be a non-profit activity or financial (prospectively). Despite highly computerized our society is still 100% human and direly needs human touch. (You can read more about this here)

— Emotional. A couple of famous musicians didn’t look for money or fame at the very start – music was their outlet, their souls’ talk. Art helps discover who you are, get rid of things in the way and open up for new stuff.

You are still at the crossroads? Give yourself as much time as you need – it’s not an easy task. But not to waste time and make most of your vocal lessons set a small intermediary goal that can suit you for now, like

Promise a reward for accomplishing something (a new song learnt, for instance)

Take part in a local competition

Think of a song to share at the next gathering of your close friends

Good luck!