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  • Katherine Maksymova

    Katherine is a founder of Solomriya Art School, popular singing teacher and an author of teaching method which is successfully used in our school
  • Pavlo Lysyi

    Pavlo is a winner of many Ukrainian and international contests, including «Ville de Gagny» (France, 2013, 1st Prize), and also holds a Finalist Diploma from «Concours-festival répertoire pianistique moderne» (Paris, 2018). He teaches classical and modern piano to children and adults.
  • Mariia

    Mariia's approach to voice lessons places greater emphasis on exploring student's individuality, search of unique timbre and style depending on one's personality

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In addition to the traditional lessons that require the direct communication between our tutor and the student in the classroom, we teach successfully the online music lessons through Skype. This type of connection is irreplaceable when a student lives in a distant city or even another country or is not capable of attending our courses at school.

Our school offers a wide range of various musical disciplines that can be taught through Skype:

How to Enroll in an Online Course?

Add our username solomriya to your contact list and apply to us through Skype. You may also send a request for online music lessons to our e-mail or contact us by the telephone numbers mentioned on the website.

Do you want to learn singing from scratch? Improve your vocal skills? Sing up for the course of individual lessons through Skype and take advantage of the high-quality online education with the experienced tutor at any convenient time without leaving your home!

3 Reasons to Choose Our Individual Lessons through Skype:

  • Qualified teachers with an extensive work experience

Our vocal tutors will help you to reach your goals as quickly as possible. All our teachers are professional musicians who have trained many successful students.

  • Individual teaching plans

A teaching plan will be composed according to your preferences and musical tastes. You’ll learn only what you want and need!

  • Quick result

The most efficient type of studying is the individual home-based vocal lessons with the tutor who has an extensive experience in teaching vocal both for kids and for adults.

Awesome Advantages of Studying at Our School:

  • Professional approach

Providing high-quality education is our top priority. Over the past 5 years, more than 300 students have successfully graduated from our school. Many of them have entered music colleges, become professional musicians, or simply learned to sing well for themselves.

  • Well-educated teachers

There are no “random” people at our school. Every tutor has a musical university degree, a high qualification level, and, of course, a talent for teaching. All our tutors are also practicing musicians: singers, composers, and performers who work in different music styles.

  • Great results guaranteed

Your passionate wish to achieve the best results is the only requirement if you want to joinour school. Even if you’ve never sung before and don’t have an ear for music, taking regular lessons and following our instructions ALWAYS guarantee a considerable development.

  • Individual lessons

All students are unique and have different goals, levels of training, and abilities. Therefore, every student needs a special approach. When you use the self-teaching guides (manuals, audio, and video lessons) or attend the group lessons, you get a one-size-fits-all education that is not provided exclusively for you. That’s why we offer individual lessons as the most efficient form of studying. A teaching plan will be composed according to your goals, preferences, and musical tastes. During the studying process, we always make changes to our plan if you learn new material and improve your skills quickly.

How to Start Studying?

  • Step 1: place your order

Firstly, order a necessary number of lessons and pay for them with your credit card or with the help of online payment system. Your payment confirms your intention to start the lessons and guarantees that we’ll assign the tutor to teach you at the appropriate time.

  • Step 2: sign up

Contact us in any available way. We’ll discuss the suitable time for the lessons, your goals, favorite music genres, and styles. This information is very important to us, as we want to pick the most suitable teacher for you.

  • Step 3: get it started!

Now, you can start studying at home! Together with our tutor, you’ll train your voice, practice breathing techniques, and improve your ear for music. In such a manner, you’ll learn to sing and play easily, freely, and beautifully in order to win the hearts of your audience!

Our Principles

Your goals related to the vocal training are crucial for us, as we help you achieve them! The efficiency of our teaching methods has stood the test of time and hundreds of students who have found their unique personal voice!

During the studying process, you’ll practice the vocal exercises that will help you to work with your breathing, vocal resonance, relax your cords, broaden your range, and improve your vocal skills.

The individual lessons allow you to ask any questions related to your studying. Don’t hesitate to specify some unclear aspects, ask for the advice, and get extra tasks. In short, communicate with your tutor in order to benefit more from every lesson.

As a result, you’ll learn to love your voice and control it in order to sing with pleasure and bring joy for yourself and people around you!


  • Who is going to teach me?

Ответ: The choice of the teacher depends on many factors: your goals, music tastes, personal preferences, age, level, and suitable time for the lessons. We believe that the key to the fruitful studying is the trust and communication between student and teacher. Therefore, if there is no 100% understanding between you and our tutor, we’ll offer you a substitute. This option is available only once during the whole course.

  • What will I learn?

The short answer is simple: exactly what you need! For example, if the student has never sung before and doesn’t have impressive vocal skills yet, he or she has to start the online lessons from the very beginning, study the basic singing principles and techniques, work with simple songs, and gradually broaden the repertoire and the range of the vocal exercises. Some people should first overcome the stage fear, get rid of the false notes, and relax stiff cords. Other students are professional singers who don’t want to stop learning new vocal techniques in order to broaden their range, improve their improvisation abilities, and work on their charisma and acting skills. Our vocal lessons through Skype make everything possible!

  • What do I need for Skype lessons?

You’ll need a modern laptop or a PC with Skype installed. Your computer should have a good internet connection (1 Mbit/s or more). You can test your internet speed here: You’ll also need a web camera with a built-in microphone.

  • How to sign up for the lesson?

After you place your order, we’ll contact you in order to discuss the appropriate date and time of the lesson. If you order the course of 8 or 12 lessons, it’ll be better to make appointments for the fixed time. We can also offer a flexible timetable that can be changed if necessary.

  • May I cancel or postpone the lessons?

Of course, you may but no later than 24 hours before the appointed time. For example, if your online guitar lesson is scheduled for Monday, at 7 p.m., you have to inform us about changes no later than 7 p.m. on Sunday. If you contact us too late or don’t show up at the scheduled time, we’ll mark the lesson as missed.. If we cancel the lesson without 24-hour notice, an additional free-of-charge lesson will be added to your course. If you order one online lesson and we’re not able to give it at the scheduled time, you’ll get two lessons instead!

  • What is better: Skype or one on one lessons?

Our school offers both variants of studying, and each of them has its own advantages. The development of the modern technologies allows the efficient vocal teaching on the internet. That’s why in the well-developed countries, especially in the USA and Canada, online lessons are very popular. However, we’ve decided to offer such lessons only after we’d made sure that they were efficient enough. For half a year, we gave online lessons for the student who didn’t want to stop learning at our school after moving abroad. This experiment has helped us to adapt the studying process to Skype. At the moment, the choice between the lessons through Skype and in the class depends on the student’s habits. Some of our students prefer online lessons, while others combine two forms of studying according to the circumstances.

  • Tell me more about the advantages of Skype

When you choose online lessons through Skype, you save your precious time that you’d have to waste in order to get to the class. Bad weather, traffic, and transportation problems won’t be the barrier between you and your teacher. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Kiev or not: you’ll have your lesson in any case. Besides, if you live in Europe or North America, you may notice that the cost of our lessons is quite reasonable and even low. At the same time, we guarantee the highest quality of teaching!

Price List
One lesson (60 minutes) costs $20, the package for 8 lessons costs $145, and the package for 12 lessons – $205. Payment is made in advance in any convenient way. A time for lessons is chosen individually. The package is valid for one month from the date of the first lesson.

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It was a great online class. Katherine is a real professional. I enjoyed it so much =)
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