Your child won’t play piano? Let him play with fire!

Don’t get it wrong: “fire is not a toy” is still a strict rule. And we don’t talk about passionate fire of Flamenco rhythms. The question is – what to do when the child doesn’t want to practice, to play scales and exercises, does not want to learn to sing and work on his vocal material (it can be rather depressing, really). It happens quite often: first your child is absorbed in music but with time music lessons become a burden – for him and his parents. Music lessons are successfully forgotten: Kyiv and all its entertainments and noisy streets call away from boring and, by the way, not compulsory. Is it the end?

Once they often put out lightning in the cities (for some technical reasons). With no TV working (it was not the time of computers yet) people reluctantly lit the candles and gathered at the stairs, yards, children started a lot of noise and fun. Somehow a mere inconvenience turned into a holiday of light and fire. All the talents, real and imaginary, suddenly woke up and streamed out to give a splendid performance. When amidst the merrymaking the light was switched back people felt sad to leave, to put out the candle fire and disassemble. The celebration was over. And ex-piano-players, ex-singers, ex-actors and all the other “ex”‘s turned into ordinary children again.

It’s just the same with kids: fire is so appealing, enticing, giving a sense of a special moment. Turn out the light and lit the candles – you will be surprised how small flames can make writing most hated exercises – tolerable, and disgusting porridge – quite savouring. Ask them to give a concert with the candles lit? No question, sure!

Fire safety rules haven’t been cancelled, of course. And it’s another burden for parents. Still make an experiment to see your child sit down to the instrument – on his own! – play scales (well, all parents love listening to scales, who says otherwise) and then the etude he was reluctant to play for the last two weeks. You’ll simply love it.