Vocal lessons. Homework: Your personal style

“How to stand out from the crowd? How to claim your talent? Is it worth it in the long run…” Something like this torments the mind of a musician who already knows a lot and has mastered music at a certain level. First, your singing lessons were just fun, then, most surely, you experienced a crisis when you were about to give up. Somehow you’ve managed to overcome it and – here you are: music is something you can do! But is hasn’t become easier, right? Now it’s about how to become someone in the vast ranks of world and local stars. Taking the extensive history of music is there anything left to say, to play or to sing? People do try to experiment with styles and genres but they don’t always make sense.

Just “Be yourself”?
Very popular piece of advice. The problem is that we actually forgot how to be ourselves. Modern media is extremely saturated. There is little time and space left for a person to simply have a time on his own and meditate without exterior influence. We are told what to feel and we are taught how to react. We, like puzzle-games, consist of fragments of radio morning shows, talk-shows, films and series. There is hardly left any personal in what we are. So “be yourself” – is quite good but first we’ve got to learn how.

Vocal lessons and psychological practice
— Not better, not worse, just different. Compare yourself to others but not in the frame of “better-worse”. Instead see the difference between you and others: he feels this way I do the other. We need to learn which are our best spots, in which ways we have advantages over others to potentially help and compensate. Spy others’ vocal lessons: you’ll leanr about your weaknesses and, what’s more important, your strong sides.

— Diary helps. Ah, good old diary – time-proven method! Put down your thoughts, feelings, emotions – positive and negative. Talent is not a one-wheeled cart: grab the handles – and go-go-go! It’s a wheel of a Premium-class convertible and if you want a ride you need all four wheels in their place. Your inner world is accounted and wants constant development. Exhibitions, traveling, new experience: got one – jot down!

— Can’t help singing! There is at least one topic or theme you can speak of forever – what is it? Some make business singing about their desperate life in detail, like Mariah Carey, for instance. After rather long stage oblivion she got back into top charts by bringing her personal crisis into public – it worked out. Or take Tony Braxton. She complained about her fans not wanting a happy song from her: all they want is tears about unhappy love! Well, she has to cry reviving her memories from the past. What’s your issue?

— “If you live on the bog you start croaking like a frog”. A person inevitably starts adjusting to the level of his environment. So you need a careful eye on what you listen to: music and people alike. Do not litter your mind with unrated material, low-quality or off-the-peg stuff because you risk to copy it afterwards even unintentionally.

Elena Radova, Kyiv