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  • It can’t be me! I better stop singing

    31 May

    Have you noticed how interested are children in their own singing or speaking? They like listening to their voice, they are even proud: “Listen! It’s me talking (or singing, shouting, […]

  • Vocal lessons: Destination – Unknown. Still?

    30 May

    A lot of people fail at learning something, and a lot of failures happen right at the start. Why with pretty the same resources – school, teacher, circumstances – some […]

  • Vocal lessons. Homework: Your personal style

    30 May

    “How to stand out from the crowd? How to claim your talent? Is it worth it in the long run…” Something like this torments the mind of a musician who […]

  • 5 tips to add variety to your music lessons

    30 May

    Sometimes music lessons get boring. Sometimes it’s hard to stand the temptation of just running out into the street and have some fun outside. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to keep […]

  • Mouth open wide! (singing for toddlers)

    21 May

    You can teach your child to sing from a very early age. Everybody knows how quickly young kids absorb new information – why should we loose such opportunity in case […]