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  • Ideal music teacher: Mission Impossible

    10 Jun

    So, that is it? Not even worth trying? Sadly speaking – yes. If you want to see a perfect vocal or guitar tutor you’d better pack your spaceship because he […]

  • Why there has to be a music tutor?

    10 Jun

    –          There is so much to read about it on the Internet –          YouTube has got so much to watch about it –          And I’ve got a friend/neighbor/etc. who can […]

  • When nothing works out: creativity crisis

    10 Jun

    Quite often you might hear: “I started well, lessons were a lot of fun but then it just didn’t work out” “I practiced and practiced but as the time passed […]

  • Music film

    10 Jun

    We are sure you’ve seen at least a couple of films about music, so you’re encouraged to add to our list with your recommendations. Here is a list of music […]

  • Is there any sense in investing in my vocal lessons?

    02 Jun

    Isn’t there a host of singers crowding Kyiv? Well, first things first. To start with it’s a good question from a serious purposeful study. It’s not just about the money […]