Why there has to be a music tutor?

– There is so much to read about it on the Internet
– YouTube has got so much to watch about it
– And I’ve got a friend/neighbor/etc. who can decently play the guitar – he will teach me everything.

Please, mind that all of it is completely free of any charge (or just a little snack for the friend, perhaps). Still without a music tutor such-minded people tend to end nowhere.

Learning wants control
Any student – child or adult – needs it.

– Control of practice to shovel away “I don’t feel like practicing today” and “I’ve got no time right now” or even “Deadline at work!”. All these excuses will push your learning process way down the list. And – goodbye, my dream, goodbye!

– Control of quality. Sometimes it seems we’re doing everything right but it only seems to us. Perhaps, you know how hard it is to correct a mistake that has gone into habit? Ask someone who’s been learning a foreign language on his own.

Doesn’t sound persuasive?
Yes, the information – good, practical information – is laying down in heaps. Some modern training centers don’t even bother keeping it secret and freely post it on their web sites for reading and downloading. Why so? Because any best-quality but one-way material is always worse an interactive program. The knowledge gets cheaper and cheaper but the human nature remains the same: we read, nod our approval and – do nothing. But if you really want to succeed in something then – okay: you will be given specific task each day, settle on a personal goal and rhythm, comment your results, correct your homework, praise (or scold a little) but for a fee.

Everybody needs a teacher
That’s the way we are. It can be tough financially but there are ways to make up for the money needed. You may not meet with a teacher often but one should definitely know that after a period of work he will be tested and corrected. You just need to find a suitable tutor and choose your personal pace of study. No obstacle should stay in your way!