More singing – less health problems

That is if you sing correctly. You cannot learn it solely by books, up-to-date techniques, distance learning courses – Skype lessons, YouTube videos or DVDs no matter how highly advertised and praised they are. Self-education is only possible under direct face-to-dace supervision by a professional who can advise you on tips and open secrets of singing for you to use.

Correctly functioning vocal chords are resistent to colds and flues. Those parts of your body you work on (or with) more are less subject to traumas than more passive ones. No strengthening of your spine – get ready for osteochondrosis, don’t train your joints – a welcome to salts to accumulate there. Your vocal mechanism is a complex system of muscles and tendons that, when good-toned, is more successful against respiratory system illnesses than antibiotics and cough syrups. Abs and biceps, so widely spoken about, make body attractive for sure but trained diaphragm is fantastic singing with a better health as a bonus.

“My voice is worth a careful treatment”. While people think their voice is of no big value they do not look after it. And when a vocal tutor trains your voice and makes most of it you will sing above your expectations (and that helps almost every time). That is when you start appreciate your voice. No more junk food that harms vocal chords, a cosy warm scarf for cold weather. And what’s more impressive you’ll have a grounded reason to give up smoking and over-use of alcohol. When you are to make a clear choice – a momentary pleasure from a cigarette or opportunity to sing for your own enjoyment or before an audience – a long habbit gets less strong.

Most important is that singing is your life without stress. There are tons of experimental evidences from scientists that singing substantially reduces stress. And while forst two advantages are strong but have a certain percent of failures this one is 100% guarantee. Singing involves inner processes dealing with hormones, muscle tone, general psycho-emotional backgound. You don’t have to wait untill a greater desire to win Grammy awards sets upon you: you like singing – go ahead and make more of it! Perhaps with time circumstances change, you find another hobby – that is just fine. The more urgent is to do what you still like. Whatever stuff you learn at your singing lessons will not go away and none of your efforts are ever wasted.