Mouth open wide! (singing for toddlers)

You can teach your child to sing from a very early age. Everybody knows how quickly young kids absorb new information – why should we loose such opportunity in case of singing? And a teacher of singing is not a must for it. Even if you’re not a professional singer but love singing and want to avoid future barriers that might stand in the way of your child when he grows up make use of following tips:

— Mouth open wide! Watch yourself and open your own mouth wide while singing or reciting, and ask your child do the same at all times. Unnaturally open mouth is a solid foundation for good sound.

— Follow me. Don’t babble and produce nasal sound. Even if it’s a sleepy lullaby try to accent the words because the child instantly copies the way you speak.

— Keep the rhythm. Rhythm feeling can be developed with simple clapping. Clap twice and ask your child to do the same, then three times (also a great way to teach counting). The clapping patterns should grow more difficult with time.

— Musical ear is also subject to developing. This is where you need simple scale-like melodies and songs with plenty of material to choose from. Unfortunately modern cartoons are full of harmonically complex melodies which are very difficult to reproduce correctly and they leave children unsure in their singing abilities.

— Smile and do the body-singing part. It is fun and moving your feet and arms adds to it.

— No shame attached. A lot pf parents are simply ashamed to teach their children what they know or can do – singing, drawing, foreign language. Keep in mind that until you prove yourself a bad teacher your own child is most grateful pupil and spectator. Start with small things: hum a melody while you do your house chores and you’ll see your child pop his ears. Your child will love the way his mom or dad sings.

If music studio for kids is not an option (too far away from your place, too expensive etc.) an awesome lesson is easy to arrange at home. Teaching should not always be professional but to be fun is compulsory for it. If you can manage forgetting about results for 10 minutes a day singing lessons will turn into a holiday.