Music film

We are sure you’ve seen at least a couple of films about music, so you’re encouraged to add to our list with your recommendations. Here is a list of music films that not only tell about life of musicians but can also teach some precious lessons.

  1. Les Choristes. Music heals and educates. Having met with it once a person is greatly impacted. Anyone has the right to claim all the riches the music offers. If you are lucky to watch the concert with the actors from the film you will see that all the things the director was trying to say in the film are quire right.
  2. August Rush. A little fantastic story, criticized for being too naïve and unreal. It contains some practical advice for the musicians, though: it teaches to hear music around and find harmony in the world.
  3. Equilibrium. Why, is that about music? No, that is not. Still it’s about feelings and senses and art is all about feeling. Music calls to human emotions whether disruptive or constructive. So is there any responsibility for the initiator of these feelings before his audience and how far does it go?
  4. Once. Unsophisticated story about two people who are drawn together by music. It’s a little about reason to sing or play, a little about responsibilities mundane days filled with music and that means – with sense deeper then we can see on the surface. There are a lot of simple tunes in the film which you can effortlessly copy.
  5. La vie en rose. Among so many biographical films this one stands out with the actors’ performance and direction. If you train your vocal try to watch the film. You will see how personal life of Edith Piaf is projected onto her singing career and the strength of this woman to create despite the circumstances.