5 tips to add variety to your music lessons

Sometimes music lessons get boring. Sometimes it’s hard to stand the temptation of just running out into the street and have some fun outside. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to keep on. Top music school, superior teacher of singing make no difference – the desire to study is simply gone. Is there no hope left?

Everything gets boring with time. We tend to get used to even most incredible and fantastic things. Remember that art’s firsthand purpose is delight both for the audience and the performer. So let’s add some joy to it!

  • Worth the candles. A good piece of piano music is worth some fire – a touch of celebration, mystery or even peril. Even monotonous scales sound a little bit magical at the candle fire. You can also buy a lightning device with disco effects – it will definitely win your child’s attention.
  • “And our next performer is…!” Perspective of all that tough and dull trainings are hard to see for a child. Even grown-ups sometimes loose the purpose of it all. Your task is to show or remind the meaning of leaning which is, undoubtedly, a concert, a performance before the audience. If we talk about a small child you can “play” concert and invite your child’s favorite stuffed animals and dolls. But if the pianist possesses a considerable knowledge and skills you can even give a concert for your neighbors and friends. If you venture for a dress-up musical party – well, what can we add: Bravo!
  • Singing makes it easier. You have to finish some task, chores, letters, whatever and the child is exhausted waiting? Remind him that song makes any work done faster: “Why don’t you play some rhythm for me to get my work done quicker? I’d surely enjoy it”. Everybody is involved and the show goes on!
  • Every season has its charm. Is it raining? Ask your child which of the pieces he knows best suits this weather. It’s windy? Comment with something like “the howling of the wind reminds me of the song # you play”. Feeling the nature develops the style and music taste of a young musician.
  • Make it personal. Find the material fitting your child’s personal preferences best. Inadequate choice has ruined many a musical career! Discuss various music styles to reveal what your child loves most.