Katherine Maksymova

Katherine Maksymova is a founder and an artistic director of Solomriya Art School, popular singing teacher and an author of voice teaching method which has long been successfully used in our school. Her method combines professional voice training and personal development techniques used to remove all kinds of physio-psychological blocks and barriers which are often holding back students from achieving their potential. This approach helps our voice students achieve their goals faster and get more stable results. For example, it takes us only about a year and a half to prepare a person with zero singing experience for semi-professional stage performance. You can learn more about the method in Katherine’s article “Learning to Fly” published by the “Vocal lessons” magazine.

In addition to one-on-one vocal lessons Katherine also offers group lessons and workshops for amateur singers and artists as well as professional development courses for voice instructors. She often makes appearances on TV, judges singing competitions and provides consulting services to those looking to improve their voice or singing techniques. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we post free video lessons featuring Katherine.

Among Katherine’s students are dozens of professional artists (Maria Stasiuk, Dasha Stolbova, Ana Baston, L’amour girls band, Phantom Project, Ekaterina Silchenko, members of United People jazz ensemble), contestants and winners of Ukrainian and international vocal competitions. We took part in “The X-Factor Ukraine” (several students successfully passed judges’ auditions and performed at “bootcamp”), popular TV show «Honey, We’re Killing the Kids» where Katherine gave voice lessons to adult and teen participants, “The Voice (Ukraine),” “Junior Eurovision”. Besides, she worked with many beginner vocalists who have since mastered the art of singing.

As a singer-songwriter herself with two recorded albums, Katherine offers consultation in the recording studio to help artists make the most of their studio time and get the best possible takes for their records.

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Galina :D

“Привет всем!Очень хочу поделиться своими впечатлениями о школе “”Соломрия””!Совершенно случайно я открыла для себя эту замечательную школу!!!Лучшие преподаватели,отличная аппаратура,музыкальные классы с хорошей акустикой.Иду на занятие с удовольствием!!!Мой преподователь Екатерина,советую всем!Человек -Талантище.Может развить голос и любой запоет рядом с ней!!!Сплошной позитив,приприлив энергии и уверенности в себе ,плюс актерское мастерство!Хожу в эту школу второй месяц,уже прошла тренинг который организовала Екатерина и подготовила нас всех к Гала концерту.Я благодарна Богу что на моем пути встречаются только хорошие и талантливые люди.Школа супер ,советую всем!!!”

Леонид Ребенок

Отличная музыкальная школа, с лучшими преподавателями. Особенно хочу отметить преподавателя по вокалу Катерину Максимову, ее подход к обучению и отношение к ученикам. Я даже не ожидал что смогу так петь.

Bohdan Senyk

Дуже подобається займатись вокалом з Екатериною Максимовою. Вважаю вважаю її професіоналом своєї справи. Дуже доступно пояснює і навчає.