Maria Dusyak

Academic, pop, jazz piano teacher; pop and jazz vocals, as well as solfeggio and music theory for both children and adults. She graduated from the Ternopil Musical College, piano, in parallel she studied vocal and worked in a team as a vocalist. She also studied jazz piano at the Lviv Academy of Music and studied jazz vocals. It was during this period that he began to teach piano and ensemble at the Lviv School of Jazz and Popular Music. Participant of jazz master classes in Chodziez (Poland), where she adopted the experience of teaching jazz from leading European musicians. Subsequently, she continued her studies at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Music. R. Glier and graduated from it in the class of jazz piano. Maria has been teaching for 7 years and continues to improve in this matter, attending various master classes. Recently she became the winner of the International music bridge 2021 competition in the category “Best Arrangement”. In working with students, Maria strives to unleash her creative potential, develop technical skills, which are the basis for further high-quality mastering of the material, overcome emotional and psychological clamps, and help find her place in music!

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наташа иванова

Я всегда хотела научиться петь,но страшно боялась начать собравшись с духом в итоге решилась записаться на пробный урок по джазовому вокалу в этой школе в филиале на Старонаводницкой… и не прогадала !!!!!! После только одного урока с Марией Дусяк страх испарился!!! Занятие прошло в комфортной обстановке ,весело и непринуждённо!Восхищаюсь Марией за её любовь к музыке,открытость и хорошее расположение к ученикам,профессионализм и ответственный подход к работе.

Анна Сторожева

Обучаюсь в данной школе игре на фортепиано у преподавателя Марии. Занятия проходят на высоком уровне, занимательно и вовлеченно. Спасибо, что прививаете любовь к музыке с каждым занятием все больше и больше)