Evgeny Mashkovtsev

Evgeny teaches drumming and percussion lessons with students of all ages – from absolute beginners to more experienced drummers looking to improve their drum kit skills.

Extensive performing experience in well-known projects such as the Machete group (pop), The Brothers Karamazov (rock), Khristina Soloviy, Rock Symphony, Notre dame de Paris, Victor Pavlik, Tatiana Piskareva, etc.
Evgeniy performs a lot in Ukraine and around the world as a professional musician, and also has a great teaching experience (Kharkov Music School, music schools in Kharkov and Kiev, Kiev Academy named after Chubinsky), which allowed him to develop his own unique method of teaching drumming.

Drums are one of the most “visual” instruments. Rarely does a band go without a drummer. In our school you have the opportunity to become both a professional drummer and just have fun playing your favorite tracks. Already in the first lesson, you will be able to play your first musical composition!

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Алина Полонец

Посетила , занятие на барабанах !!! Очень круто !!! Евгений, отличный преподавательствовать )
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