Elena Lutsenko

A graduate of the Dnieper Academy of Music named after I. Glinka, has more than 5 years of experience in teaching, and at the school “Solomria” teaches students aged 5 years and older in pop, jazz and folk vocals. Elena is the winner of the 8th season of the most famous vocal show of Ukraine “Voice of the Country” (2018), as well as many international competitions (Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, etc.), an acting musician and composer – writes and performs songs of her own composition … She voices the soundtracks for famous TV series (“Two Mothers” 1 + 1), she is the official voice of the show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Teacher of the highest category

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Kate&Vlad VINE

Занимаюсь в школе Соломрия вокалом! Мой преподаватель- победительница 8го сезона Голоса країни, Алёна Луценко! Я её просто обожаю и люблю! Спасибо школе Соломрия за такую возможность