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Pop Vocal Lessons

Vocal coaching has always been among our main education activities, near and dear to our hearts as it inspired us once to open Solomriya for students. Our voice teachers share a common vision of what good singing sounds like and what good teaching looks like.

Reasons to choose us:

  • There are no age limits or skill requirements for applying. All you need is a love for music and a genuine desire to learn how to sing good. We work with children and adults of all levels, putting emphasis on developing physical, emotional, and psychological freedom and flexibility of our students. Regretfully, many people are simply afraid to sing, they are too worried about the quality of their voice and being judged. Singing lessons in Solomriya will help you overcome these obstacles and gain confidence in your voice.
  • We aim to foster a passion for learning, help everybody discover their hidden talents, love the sound of their voice, and to master the art of singing for friends, family, karaoke parties and stage performances.
  • We use every opportunity to further improve professional skills of our teachers and provide up-to-date facilities and equipment for our students. Our voice teachers often attend master classes with top vocal coaches from home and abroad, they also share experiences and innovative approaches with each other and the world via free YouTube voice lessons.
  • The school is outfitted with pro-level singing equipment and musical instruments, which are often found in high-profile live music venues and expensive karaoke restaurants. We are the proud owners of a Shure 55SH II, the legendary “Elvis microphone”, Shure SM58 – industry standard microphone for live vocals, Italian made speakers RCF, mixing boards Alesis and Allen&Heath. Our cozy, well-lighted classrooms have large windows and are naturally ventilated.
  • We have successfully prepared many students for a wide range of musical events, from entrance examinations to televised competitions, including The X Factor, The Voice, Junior Eurovision, Eurovoice and so on.
  • We also offer a 1-2 year music artist certificate program which allows our students to study music through industry-based coursework or performance-based lessons and rehearsals. Graduates of an artist music certificate program are prepared to become professional performing musicians.
  • Aside from singing lessons, we also offer music instruction in guitar, piano and music theory, as well as drama and dance. All classes are taught by professional and certified teachers with degrees in music or arts.
  • Here at Solomriya we believe that good teaching is about relationships between teachers and students based on mutual trust, guidance and support. A spirit of warmth and friendliness is an essential part of our school which helps students get the most out of their music lessons.
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