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The memorable trick with opera singer breaking glass with the power of his or her voice has become so famous, it’s almost annoying. Maybe, however, it reminds us of the fact that we are incapable of such tricks even with a hundred years of practice. People underestimate the meaning of classic singing a lot. When a person decides to develop their talents and sign up for a class, the most frequent choice is pop classes, then goes jazz or rock, and only a tiny percent of the potential singers decide to try their abilities in classical singing.

We at Solomriya would like to show you that classical signing skills are not for weirdos with a rare music taste. Despite the fact that operas can sound a little bit strange, classical singing gives a lot of benefits for those who dare to master this style. Moreover, you can always mix styles and create impressive surprise performances, starting off as an opera diva and finishing as a rock star.

Why Choose Classical Singing?

Good classical training provides a lot of benefits for the learner. These are just a few of them:

  • Foundation for further development in every style
  • Excellent breath support
  • Vocal flexibility
  • Wider vocal range

We are not saying that singers with classical training can learn any style effortlessly, but it is true that learning pop songs is easier with classical education than vice versa. Why so? Classical training requires perfection of technique, and learning anything with a developer kit of habits and tricks is easier.

Your Personal Success Guarantee

Proper breath is essential in every singing style, but with pop and rock students can treat it with a little disdain and forget about the practice as a result. Classical training disciplines students and teaches them that proper breathing techniques result in a firm voice and ability to withstand longer and more intense vocal phrases.

Classical training is believed to open doors for many styles and genres, as the student is expected to master lyrical and agile songs, and everything in-between. Such a practice gives incredible confidence and desire to explore new styles and genres without the fear of failure or complications.

Classical singers are famous for their vocal range, but this doesn’t mean you need to have a three-octave range from birth. An experienced and passionate professional (and those are the only teachers that work for us) will help you develop your range in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Solomriya tutors are waiting for you – sign up for your first lesson and make a step towards your dream!

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