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  • Scary-scary stage

    30 Apr

    Vastly familiar stage fright comes with age, by the way, with rather young one: a 5-year-old child cheerfully chants a rhyme now at some school event and just a couple […]

  • “Singing nose” or why do I nasalize?

    29 Apr

    Monstrously popular Internet enquiry: how to stop singing nasally. By the way, quite a few pop stars do nasalize and feel not in the least ashamed of it. Found their […]

  • “I don’t like the way I sing”

    25 Apr

    I always happen to hear rueful stories about someone’s poor singing. Often people you would never guess at having any secret singing aspirations just open it up, puzzling you with […]

  • Hyperactivity in children and learning music: reality or fiction?

    20 Apr

    A lot of musically gifted children, unfortunately, fail to make it into musical career or even elementary musical education all because of the inability to do something for a long […]